Saints We Love Stop Swiping Right and Start Praying

Stop Swiping Right and Start Praying: How Saints Can Help You Find True Love

Listen up, singles! Tired of endless swiping, awkward first dates that fizzle faster than a wet match, and the sinking feeling that "the one" might just be a figment of your imagination? Look, the dating apps might be fun, but let's face it, they haven't exactly delivered happily ever after for everyone. Maybe it's time to call in the reinforcements – the ultimate power couple: Faith and the Saints.

These aren't your average fairytale characters. Think beyond Disney princesses and damsels in distress. The lives of the saints were jam-packed with hardship, heartbreak, and challenges that would make even the most cynical single person shed a tear. St. Anthony of Padua lost all his possessions in a fire, St. Valentine defied a ruthless emperor's decree, and St. Rita of Cascia endured the unimaginable pain of losing her husband and then forgiving his murderers. Yet, through it all, they held unwavering faith and a belief in something bigger than themselves. And guess what? They all had something else in common – a deep understanding of love in its purest form.

Now, we're not saying praying to a saint will guarantee your swipe right turns into "I do" overnight. But here's the thing: faith, like love, requires effort, commitment, and a bit of focus. By enlisting the help of the saints, we tap into their wisdom, their strength, and their unwavering belief in the power of connection. They become our intercessors, whispering our desires to the heavens and guiding us on the often-bumpy road to love.

So, how do we go about enlisting these celestial wingmen (and women)? Let's meet three powerhouses of love who can help you navigate the often-confusing world of dating:

St. Anthony of Padua: The Matchmaker Saint

Affectionately known as the "Matchmaker Saint," St. Anthony is the go-to guy when things feel lost. Legend has it, a young woman accidentally threw her precious wedding ring into the ocean, a symbol of her lost love. Heartbroken, she prayed fervently to St. Anthony. Miraculously, when she looked in the stomach of a nearby fish, her ring was found! This story, though perhaps a touch fantastical, underscores the power of faith in retrieving what might seem irretrievably lost, including love.

St. Anthony teaches us a crucial lesson: Clarity and focus are key. Before diving headfirst into the dating pool, take a moment for quiet reflection. What kind of love are you truly seeking? What qualities and values are important to you in a partner? St. Anthony can help you achieve that internal clarity, making you a stronger magnet for the right kind of love.

Here's a powerful prayer to St. Anthony for those seeking their perfect match:

Dear St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Things and Lost Loves, I come to you today with a yearning in my heart. I seek a love that is true, kind, and supportive. Help me to clarify my desires and guide me toward someone who shares my values and aspirations. Grant me the patience to wait for the right person and the wisdom to recognize them when they enter my life. Amen.

St. Valentine: The Rebellious Romantic

Ah, St. Valentine, the poster boy for love itself! While the exact details surrounding his life are shrouded in a bit of mystery, he's widely believed to have secretly married couples during a time when Roman emperors forbade marriage for soldiers. His defiance in the name of love resonates deeply with singles yearning for a partner who shares their values and isn't afraid to stand by them.

St. Valentine reminds us that true love often requires courage. Don't settle for a lukewarm relationship simply because it's convenient or comfortable. Seek someone who ignites your spirit and inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

Here's a prayer to St. Valentine for those searching for a partner who shares their values and isn't afraid to take a chance:

Glorious St. Valentine, Champion of Love and Defender of Marriage, I come before you today seeking love that is courageous and true. Grant me the strength to stand by my principles and to never settle for anything less than a love that uplifts and inspires me. Lead me to someone who shares my values and my dreams, and together may we build a love story that defies all odds. Amen.

St. Rita of Cascia: The Saint of Impossible Causes

St. Rita's story offers a beacon of hope for those facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles to love. Married to an abusive husband, she prayed for his conversion. Miraculously, he reformed, only to be murdered later. Despite her immense grief, Rita, in an act of unimaginable strength, forgave his killers and prayed for their salvation.

Despite her immense grief, Rita, in an act of unimaginable strength, forgave his killers and prayed for their salvation. This story isn't just about forgiveness, it's about the transformative power of love. True love, the kind St. Rita embodied, isn't a fleeting feeling or a superficial connection. It's a deep understanding, a willingness to see beyond flaws, and a commitment to stand by someone even when the going gets tough.

Here's the thing, singles: sometimes the biggest obstacle to love is ourselves. We hold onto past hurts, build walls around our hearts, and let fear dictate our choices. St. Rita's story reminds us that authentic love requires vulnerability and a willingness to forgive. Let go of the baggage from past relationships, embrace the possibility of something new, and open yourself to love in all its messy, glorious forms.

Here's a prayer to St. Rita of Cascia for those seeking the strength to forgive past hurts and open themselves to love:

St. Rita of Cascia, Saint of Impossible Causes and Advocate of Forgiveness, I come before you today with a heart burdened by past hurts. Grant me the strength to forgive those who have wronged me and the courage to release the pain that holds me back. Open my heart to the possibility of love and guide me towards a relationship built on trust, understanding, and unwavering commitment. Amen.

These are just a few of the many saints who can intercede for your love life. There's St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, perfect for those facing seemingly hopeless situations. St. Agnes of Rome, the symbol of purity and innocence, can guide you towards a relationship built on genuine connection. The possibilities are endless!

But here's the real kicker: This isn't just about finding someone to complete you. It's about becoming the best version of yourself, someone who is worthy of receiving and giving genuine love. The saints, through their trials and triumphs, offer a roadmap to navigate the complexities of love. They teach us about resilience, forgiveness, and the unwavering belief in something bigger than ourselves. By incorporating faith, prayer, and the wisdom of the saints into your dating life, you're not just swiping right – you're taking an active role in shaping your own love story.

So, ditch the cynicism, ditch the endless swiping, and embrace the power of faith and the saints. Love, after all, is a battlefield, and sometimes, you need the ultimate wingmen (and women) to help you win the war!

Now, what if you are not "super" religious, as some may say, you can start here - 

  1. Start with Curiosity:
  • Instead of focusing on intense prayer, begin by simply learning about the saints connected to love. Explore their stories, the historical context, and the meaning behind their symbolism.
  • Approach this from an open-minded perspective. View the saints as historical figures who embodied positive qualities like forgiveness, resilience, and commitment.
  • Ask questions! If you have religious friends or family members who are well-versed in Catholicism, engage them in conversations about the saints and their significance.
  1. Focus on Shared Values:
  • Identify the core values that are important to you in a partner – qualities like kindness, loyalty, etc.
  • Explore how the lives of the saints reflect these values, even in a non-religious context. St. Anthony's focus on finding lost items can be interpreted as perseverance and resilience. St. Rita's forgiveness highlights inner strength and compassion.
  • Use these values as a guide for your dating life, regardless of religious practice.
  1. Adopt Rituals of Intention:
  • Instead of formal prayers, try creating simple rituals that bring mindfulness and intention to your search for love.
  • Light a candle with a specific intention – focusing on openness, clarity, and the qualities you seek in a partner.
  • Carry a small object (medallion, card, image) connected to a saint as a reminder of their values and your desire for love. This can be a physical representation of your hopes, not a religious symbol.
  1. Test the Waters Gently:
  • If you're comfortable, try incorporating a simple, non-denominational prayer or meditation into your routine, focusing on love and finding a partner who aligns with your values.
  • Consider visiting a church dedicated to a particular saint or attending a special service focused on love and relationships. The experience can be enriching even if you don't adopt a full-fledged religious practice.
  • Engage with communities focused on your values: Volunteer organizations, social groups, or clubs that embody the qualities you seek in a partner can be a great place to meet like-minded people.
  1. Patience and Openness:
  • Finding love often involves a sense of timing and serendipity. Be open to meeting the right person in unexpected ways as you explore this concept.
  • Practice surrender and trust in the process. Even without a strong religious faith, recognize that the search for love unfolds in its own time.

Remember: This process should be about exploration and personal growth, not necessarily embracing a full-blown religious practice. Respect your own comfort level and approach faith and the saints with an open heart and curious mind. Find us on social and tell us how this works for you! We want to hear from you!!

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